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Quality & Comfort Certified Companies

Where awarded, companies who have achieved the ISAAP Quality and Comfort Certification (QCC) can assure clients and consumers that hey have achieved or exceeded the necessary pre-set quality and comfort scores as a differentiator from the competition.

The set standard for quality and comfort must be achieved by the provider and a Quality and Comfort Certification (QCC) Score/Rating will be calculated.

Scores are allocated up to a maximum of 5 for each component of the assessment criteria. The initial score is derived from the overnight stay experience, and this is then further adjusted according to variations in standards of quality and comfort experienced by the ISAAP Assessor when viewing further accommodation units during the assessment process.

The Overall Score reflects that standard achieved by the accommodation provider for the country and the year of assessment visit.

The minimum overall score required is 75%, or a QCC rating of 3.8.

The QCC logo awarded displays the rating obtained by the accommodation provider, though the percentage scores remain the confidential property of ISAAP and the accommodation provider only.