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Building Accreditation

For Serviced Accommodation & Corporate Housing Providers

This accreditation recognises the building or property as having achieved the necessary enhanced standards of Safety and Quality.

An ISAAP accredited building is regarded as the highest possible accreditation for serviced accommodation, as all standards at that property are physically verified by the ISAAP assessor during a pre-arranged overnight stay, where criteria are scrutinized to a higher level.

All Compliance criteria will be verified, Quality and Comfort standards will need to achieve the enhanced level, as demonstrated by the higher Quality Scoring targets, and additional criteria pertaining to the operation of that particular property will also be assessed for conformance.

Building Accreditation, where awarded, assures clients and consumers that the provider operating that property has achieved, at that address, the necessary enhanced pre-set quality and comfort scores as a differentiator from the competition, and that the necessary elements of Compliance Accreditation have been physically verified as complying with the ISAAP Promise.

Further, attainment of ISAAP Building Accreditation signifies to corporate buyers and travel managers that this provider’s accommodation is “ISO 31030 Ready”.
A serviced accommodation provider whose building is eligible for Building Accreditation, and whose building achieves the accreditation standards, will receive the ISAAP “Building Accreditation” seal.

Qualified Accreditation Consultants


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