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Accredited Buildings

Accredited Buildings

Eligibility for this ISAAP Accreditation is limited to companies that provide accommodation units within an entire block/building/property, in which no third parties or private tenants reside. The property must be owned, leased, or managed in its entirety by the participating provider.

An ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant will spend up to 24 hours at the property, verifying on-site all the elements of ISAAP Compliance Accreditation (with IPC) and the quality and comfort elements in accordance with enhanced QCC scoring.

An ISAAP Accredited Building is one where all safety, security, quality, and comfort standards have been absolutely verified and thus clients can be assured that guests can stay with confidence at that location, in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 31030 standard on Travel Risk Management.

ISAAP provides a certificate of accreditation in addition to the Building Accreditation seal.

The accreditation is renewable annually per building.

Qualified Accreditation Consultants

Atelier House, London

City House, London

Cloth House, London

Florence House, London

Newbury House, London

Lovat House, London

Philpot House, London

Zinc House, London

CitySuites Manchester


PREMIER SUITES: Ballsbridge, Dublin


PREMIER SUITES: Cabot Circus, Bristol

PREMIER SUITES: Redcliffe, Bristol

PREMIER SUITES: Bath Street, Glasgow

PREMIER SUITES: George Square, Glasgow

PREMIER SUITES: Leeson Street, Dublin






PREMIER SUITES: Sandyford, Dublin

QUEST: Liverpool 

PREMIER SUITES have been an ISAAP accredited Quality Accredited Provider for the last 6 years and we have found the Accreditation process to be extremely important and informative for our business. Having used other accreditation bodies previously we found that ISAAP was tailored perfectly for the Serviced Apartment product and sector. In 2019 we achieved Building accreditation for all our properties, which is a much more detailed and rigorous audit whereby every building is visited and assessed by an assessor in terms of quality and service and comfort for the guest but all a detailed inspection in terms of Duty of care and Health and Safety. Knowing all our PREMIER SUITES properties have achieved the building accreditation gives me the confidence and assurance that our guests are receiving the highest standards of service , but also knowing that our business operates with high standards of Health & Safety and COVID safe procedures. The assessors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the accreditation process and all our teams find the process a positive and informative experience.

Evelyn Haran, Chief Operating Officer (UK) and Brand Standards Manager Europe, PREMIER SUITES

City Apartments’ each and every building is fully accredited and needs to be to provide full transparency and openness to our clients. ISAAP are extremely professional and thorough in their approach. We very much feel that for those clients who seek and appreciate peace of mind in knowing their travellers will be well cared for, then ISAAP Building Accreditation offers exactly that. From health and safety to duty of care and from quality to comfort, everything is comprehensively covered.

Jono Dennis, Director, City Apartments Ltd