Accredited Buildings

Accredited Buildings

Eligibility for this ISAAP Accreditation is limited to companies that provide accommodation units within an entire block/building/property, in which no third parties or private tenants reside. The property must be owned, leased, or managed in its entirety by the participating provider.


An ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultant will spend up to 24 hours at the property, verifying on-site all the elements of ISAAP Compliance Accreditation (with IPC) and the quality and comfort elements in accordance with enhanced QCC scoring.


An ISAAP Accredited Building is one where all safety, security, quality, and comfort standards have been absolutely verified and thus clients can be assured that guests can stay with confidence at that location, in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 31030 standard on Travel Risk Management.


ISAAP provides a certificate of accreditation in addition to the Building Accreditation seal.


The accreditation is renewable annually per building.