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ISAAP offers industry-recognised Accreditation and Certification options to providers and agents of serviced accommodation, distinct from other hospitality accreditation schemes. These schemes are commensurate with the standards required for corporate buyers and travel managers to meet their responsibilities under ISO 31030, Travel Risk Management guidelines (2021).

Options range from full quality and safety assessment visits carried out by professional, independent ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultants to remote procedures whereby the essential verification documentation and evidential information is exchanged to validate the safety and enhanced hygiene and sanitisation standards, in support of assuring COVID-safe accommodation.

The accreditations and certifications awarded are specific to the provider/agent or to the building or Aparthotel assessed, depending upon eligibility and the option selected.

From September 2021, ISAAP, under its new parent company Global Secure Accreditation Ltd, (GSA), can to offer Security Assessment & Accreditation to providers of serviced accommodation. Delivered by the expertise of the GSA security assessor team, ISAAP’s security accreditation is independently and externally regulated, thus providing an additional layer of trusted verification.

The security accreditation is awarded to the particular property assessed, as presented by the serviced accommodation provider, and property types range from Aparthotels through whole blocks to independent accommodation units.

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Accreditation & Certification Products


Compliance Accreditation

Compliance Accreditation, where awarded, assures clients & consumers that necessary standards of safety, hygiene, sanitisation, & other regulatory requirements are met in line with the ISAAP Promise. Successful providers are awarded a “Compliance Accreditation with Infection Control” marque, which highlights the year of award.
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Quality & Comfort Certification

Quality & Comfort Certification, where awarded, assures clients and consumers that the necessary pre-set level of quality & comfort has been met or exceeded by the participating accommodation provider.

Building Accreditation

Building Accreditation where awarded, assures clients and consumers that the property has achieved necessary enhanced pre-set quality & comfort scores & necessary elements of Compliance Accreditation, having been physically verified to comply with the ISAAP Promise. Corporate buyers and travel managers can be confident that a property displaying an ISAAP Building Accreditation certificate will meet the necessary safety standards to enable them to effectively discharge their responsibilities under ISO 31030 (Travel Risk Management standard.
ISO 31030 Ready!

Approved Agent Accreditation

Approved Agent Accreditation, where awarded, demonstrates competence against several industry-related standards and best practices, a due diligence approach to the management of the quality & safety of their supply partners' products, along with promotion of trade body membership and accreditation and certification for the industry sector.

Mystery Guest

The Mystery Guest Programme can offer various bespoke products that will enable the quality and service level of your company to be anonymously assessed from simple email & booking processes through to overnight stay & assessments.

Security Accreditation

Security Accreditation, where awarded, assures clients and consumers that the property has been independently verified as meeting the required standard of structural and procedural security to satisfy the expectations of corporate buyers and travel managers. Both are required to discharge their responsibilities for the security of their employees on business under the ISO standard (31030) on travel risk management, and this accreditation achieves this for them when it comes to selecting accommodation.


Contact Stephen Martin, Managing Director of ISAAP to discuss how ISAAP Accreditation can help you to differentiate your serviced accommodation and how your clients can stay with confidence.

CHPA, alongside our peer-association ASAP, continues to support the ISAAP accreditation program for our member companies. We believe this program is relevant, credible and robust; providing our members with a strong review of the product they provide their clients and guests. This program is a critical differentiating factor for member companies to hold as they seek to provide their clients and guests with confidence in their product.

Mary Ann Passi, CEO, Corporate Housing Providers Association

ASAP has been proactively promoting the importance of accreditation to the Serviced Apartment industry for the last 8 years. Its partner ISAAP has developed a comprehensive, relevant and credible suite of accreditation options which are professionally and consistently delivered globally and provide those accredited organisations with the best possible business differentiation advantage in these very competitively challenging times.

James Foice, CEO Association of Serviced Apartment Providers


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